We Accept the Sales We Think We Deserve

For this assignment, I chose to advertise the clothing brand, Free People. Because this brand is already well known, some people may not browse their website regularly because of how expensive some of the items are. The objective is to drive more traffic to our website so that we can fully reach that “iffy” audience.

Tweet: Let your inner free spirit out and come shop with us. Take 50% off your entire purchase AND get free shipping when you retweet this tweet! (+three emojis maybe a flower a surprised face and an exclamation point)

Artwork: lace patterned background with fun hippie text saying “50% off your purchase AND free shipping”

My audience is targeted towards women, and my reach is estimated at 93,000-140,000. My estimated daily impressions are 123,000-185,000 and starting off, my daily engagements are estimated at $3-4K

I determined this with keywords such as “sale” “shopping” “clothing” and “online store” and chose my advertisements to specifically reach out to women.

My budget is $200 per day and I decided that the ads will run from October 13, 2016 – November 13, 2016.

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