For my Summary of Learning project, I decided to create three print advertisements that give a brief description of this course. Even though this was an online class, it was easily one of my favorites. This course let the designer within me free and it was fun to learn skills that I will most likely be utilizing in my future career. I chose these colors because they’re subtle enough to grab the reader’s attention, but not too bright as to intimidate anyone. I personally find these ads visually appealing, but i’ll let you be the judge.

Overall, I loved the format of this course, specifically the mandatory blog. I found it more educational to blog about the work I had created because I was really able to retrace my thought process throughout the creation of each of my assignments. AND because of this blog, I get to look back at and see my own personal creative growth throughout the semester. I’ve learned how beneficial it is to put yourself out there fearlessly and with a public outlet such as this, I was more critical of my work. This course helped me grow into a better advertising professional and has reassured myself that I made the right choice when choosing my major. Thank you Professor Croom for everything! Best Wishes.

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