Fashion Forward

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-32-54-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-21-at-12-15-08-amFor both of my advertisements, I went with fashion brands. I think that both of these social media tactics will work extremely well. I find a lot of value in the advertising tools that Facebook and Twitter provide because it really shows you the potential of your ad. My market size was extremely lower than I had thought just because I know how widely known both of these brands are. I suppose you can’t reach everyone though. My market analysis really didn’t change my perspective on the appropriate messaging because I think that because of my heavy interest in fashion, I know what people want to hear when buying a product. “Sales” “Free Shipping” and “Vintage” are pretty key terms in the fashion world for millennial this day and age. Especially broke college girls who love Free People and the idea of being “retro.” I ¬†believe that the effectiveness of a social media ad campaign is measured by clicks, not”buyers.” Making more people aware and interested in whatever product your campaign is trying to promote makes a social media ad campaign effective. It’s success would be based upon if your audience responds positively to your advertising tactics. Social Media design needs to be tailored more differently than other advertising methods. I think that social media is meant to be more informal meaning that abbreviations (due to character limits), emojis, etc. are accepted. With millennials so into social media, it’s¬†pretty standard that they won’t read into anything that doesn’t immediately grab their attention.

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