Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

My concept for this advertisement is that people need to stop letting their dreams be just that. That we should all turn¬†our dreams into goals instead of acting like they are out of reach. Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It.” and the way that I interpret that is to stop wanting things and go out and get them. For this assignment, we were asked to pick a brand and create a commercial that was more of a story rather than just a typical¬†advertisement. I really did find this assignment challenging. Creating an ad is one thing but to try and create a concept/script for a storytelling ad is a whole other mindset. Every time I watch storytelling-esque commercials, I always think of how creative a person has to be in order to think of something so inspirational. I went through a few revisions with this script and I will probably go through a lot more. I wanted to keep the ad simple in order to keep the viewer entertained. Filming this week was difficult and I will probably film a little bit more when I’m home. Getting college students to want to help for an assignment is difficult around times that everyone has so much school stuff going on. Really excited for the outcome of this project.

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