For the Adventure Seeker (Part 2)

thats-goproable go-proable-sky

It can only get better from here right? My first draft of my advertisement I had obviously misunderstood the purpose of the assignment. I was missing various key elements (body copy, website link) which was an error on my part and now I can see that my advertisement is slowly (very slowly) coming to life. I like that the headline is in that technology style GoPro font because it hints at consumers the product that I am advertising. The thing that I am unsure about is the body copy font. I can’t quite pinpoint which font gives the advertisement a cohesive structure.  I tried finding something that looked typewriter-esque but that didn’t seem to flow well with the rest of the advertisement. I like how simple the font I chose for the body copy is but because my goal is to get the consumer to actually read it, I don’t know if it serves its purpose.  I did realize when I went back to edit for my second draft that I like how vibrant the colors in the sky advertisement are rather than the underwater one. Can’t wait to continue working on these!

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