For the Adventure Seeker (Part 3)

thats-goproable go-proable-skyAnd it’s finally done!! As always, the JPEG images have weird coloring but in the PDF files that I submitted I absolutely LOVE how these ended up turning out! I only had peer reviews from two other students instead of three but I really took what they said and tried to apply it. With the second ad, one of my critiques was about the copy being hard to read (font issues) and that maybe I could put it at the bottom in a white square if it were in a magazine. I was thinking about doing that and if that were a situation that I was in, I definitely would have utilized that idea. But because I already had most of my advertisement laid out, I wanted to stick with what I had been working with. One of my critiques with the first ad had to deal with the centering of the copy instead of having it aligned left, I took this critique and applied it. Also dealing with the first ad, I changed the text for the bottom left corner to match the GoPro font just as I had in the second ad. I don’t have any interest pitching these to GoPro because I feel like their ads are already super effective for their target audience and I don’t think they want an amateur Photoshop student messing with what works. For future students I would recommend really knowing what your trying to accomplish before you start creating everything. There’s always room for improvement! Really excited to keep expanding my photoshop skills with this class!

For the Adventure Seeker (Part 2)

thats-goproable go-proable-sky

It can only get better from here right? My first draft of my advertisement I had obviously misunderstood the purpose of the assignment. I was missing various key elements (body copy, website link) which was an error on my part and now I can see that my advertisement is slowly (very slowly) coming to life. I like that the headline is in that technology style GoPro font because it hints at consumers the product that I am advertising. The thing that I am unsure about is the body copy font. I can’t quite pinpoint which font gives the advertisement a cohesive structure.  I tried finding something that looked typewriter-esque but that didn’t seem to flow well with the rest of the advertisement. I like how simple the font I chose for the body copy is but because my goal is to get the consumer to actually read it, I don’t know if it serves its purpose.  I did realize when I went back to edit for my second draft that I like how vibrant the colors in the sky advertisement are rather than the underwater one. Can’t wait to continue working on these!

For the Adventure Seeker

GoProable thats-goproable

I sat and stared and rattled my brain while trying to decide which print challenge I was going to do. All of the examples given were incredible and my thought process became “Whatever I decide to do, it won’t be nearly as good as this one.” Then I remembered that I am a mere college student and that my work will be critiqued so that maybe one day I can create something that is just is as good as the examples given, if not better. GoPro cameras are designed for adventurers. They cater to explorers and those who want to document moments that they previously didn’t have the ability to record. These advertisements really reach out to those risk takers. They show people doing adventurous activities such as snorkeling and skydiving and the added element of the GoPro shows them that they can relive these incredible experiences by re-watching them on their GoPro.