Taco BellAhhhh. Taco Bell. My late night weakness. Despite how disgusting its reputation may be, nothing can keep me away from a T-Bell quesadilla when the clock strikes midnight. This quesadilla has the gooiest cheese, the creamiest jalapeño sauce, the crispiest tortilla, and the most delectable “not quite meat” meat. Somewhere in between that formula I fell in love. It also might be the worst thing to put through your digestive system and definitely isn’t anyones healthiest option but I’m only twenty so right now I don’t really care. Anyways, this challenge allowed me to play around with Photoshop more than the last one did. I can honestly say I didn’t use a tutorial for this assignment and I think that I’m becoming a bit more comfortable with the application. On this graphic, I changed the background behind the quesadilla from green to purple so that I could reflect the restaurants colors that I was representing. The only other thing I really did was change the word “quesadilla” to the words “510 calories” which took a little toll on my self esteem but besides that I’m satisfied with how this turned out.

Stranger Service


Stranger Things is easily one of my favorite TV shows. From the soundtrack to the acting to the storyline, I successfully watched the 1980s-esque series in two days. With that being said, I could not wait to get started on this challenge. This is the first time I have ever worked with Photoshop and thanks to a little frustration, a little patience and a Youtube tutorial, I’m pretty proud of it. I am an Executive member for OU’s Habitat for Humanity so the first thing that came to mind when you said title card was to make a title card for an organization that I hold close to my heart. OU’s Habitat for Humanity is a chapter that is part of a national organization that fights to improve substandard housing in communities across the nation. Thanks to this assignment, we are now going to use this graphic on our social media accounts. I absolutely cannot wait to learn more about this graphic design application!