Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Yes prescription glasses wearers, I’m talking to you. I know it’s summer, and I know the daily struggle between wanting to protect your eyes from the sun or wanting to be able to see the person standing in front of you. Which one do you bring? Prescription glasses or Sunglasses? Breathe. You now have one less problem in the summertime thanks to Ray-Bans Prescription Sunglasses. Now you can see what’s going on in front of you while protecting your eyes from the sun with our polarized lenses. All you have to do is add your prescription when ordering. Best of both worlds right? Don’t be afraid of summertime. Embrace summertime. #NeverHide

The purpose of the product is simple. Instead of glasses wearers having to decide if they want to see that day, decide they wanna look cool, or maybe they just decide they’ll carry both pairs around to save their peers from their complaining, they get two benefits out of one product. They no longer have to worry about where they’re going to put one pair if they end up bringing both. I personally wear these glasses all the time and they are a lifesaver. No more not being able to read anything and being the punchline of an “aren’t you blind” joke. I can now see clearly while I’m driving now even when the sun is shining right in my face. This makes a safer road for me and you both so Ray-Ban made an amazing product that I can proudly stand behind.

Where am I?

I look around in pure awe. Same feeling, same realization each time I’m here. It’s hectic all around me but some how I’m at ease. Theres buildings, sirens, people, signs, stores, music, lights all around me. I hear the banging of quarters in a cup as a man sits, begging for spare change. Noise all around me. There’s diversity here. Not just diverse people, but diverse places. Walk North down Michigan Avenue and you’re on a beach. Not the ocean, but who really needs the ocean when you have a city in the background. Chicago, you have my heart.

Like I touched on in my design post, I’m no stranger to Wrigley Field. Chicago, Illinois is my favorite place in the world and nothing gives me more joy than describing my feelings towards this city. “It’s a cleaner New York,” said anyone whose ever been to the two. Well, I have only been to New York City once, but, “a cleaner New York,” is not the one sentence I would use to describe my happy place. It’s noisy, it’s hectic, and while it’s not the safest place in the world, it holds a special spot in my heart. This summer I went to Lollapalooza, a music festival in Chicago, and the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were able to watch their favorite bands in an area that could accommodate everyone was a beautiful thing to witness. I think the craziness of Chicago is what really draws me to it and I can only hope that I will have the opportunity to live there one day.

Lollapalooza 2016
Lollapalooza 2016

The Flipper

Are you sitting at home? Maybe staring at your TV, flipping through channels with your boring TV remote? Wanting to spice up your relaxation with a device that has a less intimidating name than remote? Look no further. All your problems are about to be solved with The Flipper. I want you to just try and be angry and say, “pass me The Flipper.” You can’t! So why wait? Make the switch and ditch the remote. It’s time to make TV time more fun!

Remote is such a harsh word. The purpose of a remote is simple, so it’s name shouldn’t make it seem scarier than it is. As we all know, a remote is something that you use to control another device. When using the remote to control a television, you are wanting to change the current state that your television is in. When you are watching TV, you flip through various channels, flip input settings, or flip the volume higher or lower. Because of that sentence, that action, I think that the word flipper more accurately describes the remotes purpose. The two p’s roll off the tongue easier than the word remote does, and as I hinted in my copy, flipper is just more fun to say. I’ve personally always known the remote as a flipper/clicker and not a remote so this assignment was a no brainer when I was deciding what thing to rename.