Travel Blitz

This summer, I traveled to eight different cities. Some were more culturally diverse than others and that was showcased in the design elements of the signs that I captured.

Chicago, IllinoisChicago, Illinois

I am no stranger to Wrigley Field but every time I see this sign I feel obligated to snap a picture. The red background immediately grabs your attention and because the only other color is white it actually holds your attention. The sign was installed in 1934 and while it has modernized over the years, it is mostly consistent with its original design. The typography is classic and this marquee really dominates the area and takes all the attention away from any surrounding signs. You can click here to learn more about the history of Wrigley’s marquee but if you wanna just bask in its greatness just look at my picture for a little bit longer.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

When your family likes to gamble, you get to have your family reunion in Vegas. Because of this, I was able to see the famous Las Vegas sign in person. The sign was smaller than I had expected but WOW it was nice to look at. Between the bright white background, the alternating blue and red colors, and the flashing lights around the border, this iconic sign is hard to miss. Despite how busy the design is, all of the aspects contribute to the function/purpose of the sign which is to welcome everyone to Las Vegas. The three different fonts give this sign character. The word welcome has each letter individually circled and illuminated, the word fabulous is in a different font in order to emphasize how fabulous Vegas really is, and the rest is capitalized and bolded to capture the readers attention. Though there are two replicas, the original sign was built in 1959. If you want to learn a few fun facts regarding its history, click here.

New York City
New York City, Radio City Music Hall

I didn’t get to go inside of Radio City Music Hall but the sign is enormous  (as most things are in The Big Apple). It reads “Radio City Music Hall” about nine or ten times creating a sense of repetition and the letters are so proportionate with one another despite the alternating fonts. The day I took this picture it was cloudy which in return washed out the typically lively letters on the marquee. Despite this, I thought it was beautiful enough to take a picture.