For my Summary of Learning project, I decided to create three print advertisements that give a brief description of this course. Even though this was an online class, it was easily one of my favorites. This course let the designer within me free and it was fun to learn skills that I will most likely be utilizing in my future career. I chose these colors because they’re subtle enough to grab the reader’s attention, but not too bright as to intimidate anyone. I personally find these ads visually appealing, but i’ll let you be the judge.

Overall, I loved the format of this course, specifically the mandatory blog. I found it more educational to blog about the work I had created because I was really able to retrace my thought process throughout the creation of each of my assignments. AND because of this blog, I get to look back at and see my own personal creative growth throughout the semester. I’ve learned how beneficial it is to put yourself out there fearlessly and with a public outlet such as this, I was more critical of my work. This course helped me grow into a better advertising professional and has reassured myself that I made the right choice when choosing my major. Thank you Professor Croom for everything! Best Wishes.

Summary of Learning

I’m going to sum up everything I’ve learned in this class with three print advertisements. I will create these advertisements in adobe photoshop and once again re-read my blog posts in order to give the audience an idea of what this class is about. Honestly, I’ve heard better things about the online version of Advertising Copy & Layout compared to the real Advertising Copy & Layout so I might target users who don’t think they have time to put another physical course into their schedule. I will also primarily focus on this class giving students the opportunity to work with a variety of applications that will be useful for their future careers in advertising. I’m really excited to get started because this class has opened my eyes to the beauty of photoshop and I want to portray my personal feelings towards this class to my audience clearly and concisely.

Moving Forward

Reading through all of my old blog posts has shown me that this wasn’t just a website for this class. I’ve found many things that I can edit for my portfolio weaved within all of these assignments. Moving forward, as of now I plan on keeping my domain. Maybe blogging for myself every now and then. For another one of my classes, I had to create a professional website and a blog and I like the blog for this class more. This website contains a lot of things that I plan on including in my other professional website. This domain has been good to me and I would never think of wiping it clean and starting over due to all of the valuable work of mine that it contains.

Gotta Start Somewhere

At the beginning of this course, I was not thrilled about having to have a website/consistently turn in blog posts. This mindset was also prior to actually writing my first blog post. Three assignments later and I fell in love. The blog posts weren’t required to be excessively long and I began to enjoy being able to write in a more casual tone of voice. I did, however, find that I am very picky when it comes to my writing. I have a bad habit of editing sentence by sentence rather than editing after I am done writing. The projects that I take the most pride in are the copywriting assignments and the commercial project. Despite those being my favorite, I really liked that we were able to utilize adobe photoshop for a majority of this class. I know that Photoshop is going to be incredibly prominent in my future so its best I start learning the basics now. One project that I wish I could have had a different outcome was the adjective print advertisements. I think if I would have had more time/more experience with photoshop, it could have looked better. I also think if I chose a different company name, the outcome would have turned out a lot more professional looking. This class has taught me a lot across the board about my skills and what I am capable of. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t focused on one application, but creative cloud as a whole. Because of this, I was able to get sneak peaks of intense, professional graphic design programs. I’ve grown as an advertising practitioner because I’ve realized that there will always be something to improve upon. I have gotten to challenge myself in this class as well as create a website full of projects that are applicable to my portfolio.