Just Do It.

After failed finalized commercial after failed finalized script, I completely started over in regards to this project. We were asked to create a story-telling commercial and thats what I did. The basis of the commercial is that Nike not only just says to just do it, but Nike actually empowers you to just do it. I re-did the script that I had originally submitted, but stuck to my desire for a simplistic commercial in order to keep my viewers from becoming confused by my concept. This is by no means is the best commercial ever, BUT due to this being the first time I was able to create something of this sort, I’m very happy with it. My original ideas consisted of using copyrighted songs but because that was prohibited, I think that these tracks flowed with the video flawlessly. Thank you for continuously challenging me with these assignments and helping me discover the things I am capable of creating.

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

My concept for this advertisement is that people need to stop letting their dreams be just that. That we should all turn our dreams into goals instead of acting like they are out of reach. Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It.” and the way that I interpret that is to stop wanting things and go out and get them. For this assignment, we were asked to pick a brand and create a commercial that was more of a story rather than just a typical advertisement. I really did find this assignment challenging. Creating an ad is one thing but to try and create a concept/script for a storytelling ad is a whole other mindset. Every time I watch storytelling-esque commercials, I always think of how creative a person has to be in order to think of something so inspirational. I went through a few revisions with this script and I will probably go through a lot more. I wanted to keep the ad simple in order to keep the viewer entertained. Filming this week was difficult and I will probably film a little bit more when I’m home. Getting college students to want to help for an assignment is difficult around times that everyone has so much school stuff going on. Really excited for the outcome of this project.


Why does the business exist?

Nike says “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” To me, this translates to their audience being everyone. Nike doesn’t just want to cater to aspiring professional athletes, but to everyday people as well. Nike interests me because of the confidence they hold in their products. They seem to market themselves as the best athletic wear company and obviously that has been working for them.

Do you know the business history? Who are your main characters?

Nike was primarily known as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded in 1964 by a man named Phil Knight and his track coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon. Apparently, the first pair of Nike shoes were not comfortable but because they were made by hand, there were no complaints. The name “Nike” is derived from the Greek Goddess of Victory. Wieden+Kennedy is Nike’s primary advertising agency and Dan Wieden initially coined “Just Do It.”

What is your company mission?

“To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Bill Bowerman wrote this.

Can you identify the core brand values?

performance, authenticity, and sustainability

How do the customers feel?

Everyone naturally loves the products because they are durable and reliable. Nike doesn’t cut corners while making their products.