Fashion Forward

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-32-54-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-21-at-12-15-08-amFor both of my advertisements, I went with fashion brands. I think that both of these social media tactics will work extremely well. I find a lot of value in the advertising tools that Facebook and Twitter provide because it really shows you the potential of your ad. My market size was extremely lower than I had thought just because I know how widely known both of these brands are. I suppose you can’t reach everyone though. My market analysis really didn’t change my perspective on the appropriate messaging because I think that because of my heavy interest in fashion, I know what people want to hear when buying a product. “Sales” “Free Shipping” and “Vintage” are pretty key terms in the fashion world for millennial this day and age. Especially broke college girls who love Free People and the idea of being “retro.” I  believe that the effectiveness of a social media ad campaign is measured by clicks, not”buyers.” Making more people aware and interested in whatever product your campaign is trying to promote makes a social media ad campaign effective. It’s success would be based upon if your audience responds positively to your advertising tactics. Social Media design needs to be tailored more differently than other advertising methods. I think that social media is meant to be more informal meaning that abbreviations (due to character limits), emojis, etc. are accepted. With millennials so into social media, it’s pretty standard that they won’t read into anything that doesn’t immediately grab their attention.

We Accept the Sales We Think We Deserve

For this assignment, I chose to advertise the clothing brand, Free People. Because this brand is already well known, some people may not browse their website regularly because of how expensive some of the items are. The objective is to drive more traffic to our website so that we can fully reach that “iffy” audience.

Tweet: Let your inner free spirit out and come shop with us. Take 50% off your entire purchase AND get free shipping when you retweet this tweet! (+three emojis maybe a flower a surprised face and an exclamation point)

Artwork: lace patterned background with fun hippie text saying “50% off your purchase AND free shipping”

My audience is targeted towards women, and my reach is estimated at 93,000-140,000. My estimated daily impressions are 123,000-185,000 and starting off, my daily engagements are estimated at $3-4K

I determined this with keywords such as “sale” “shopping” “clothing” and “online store” and chose my advertisements to specifically reach out to women.

My budget is $200 per day and I decided that the ads will run from October 13, 2016 – November 13, 2016.

Throwback Thursday

I decided to advertise the sports clothing line, Fila on Facebook. The objective of the campaign is to shine a light on a once very popular brand by advertising their “vintage” heritage collection. Currently, stores like “Urban Outfitters” are stocking their locations with clothing lines that were in ten or twenty years ago. Brands like Calvin Klein, Wrangler, and Tommy Hilfiger are making a comeback, and I feel that its important to not let retailers take all the credit for bringing a brand “back.” The brand itself should be taking measures to advertise their merchandise, and that is the purpose of this ad campaign. Also we could do giveaways/discounts on Thursdays and use it as a “Throwback Thursday”promotion.

Headline: Can’t find that retro look you’re looking for? Look no further.

Text: We’re still here and contrary to popular belief, we never left. Us at Fila would like to welcome you back with open arms. Introducing the Heritage Collection by Fila, fulfilling all your vintage sportswear needs. Move Freely, Flaunt Fila.

Artwork: The pictures would be of models sporting the Fila Heritage Collection or Retro Fila Artwork.

Audience: The audience that I really want to tap into is very broad. From the teenagers that want to dress vintage to the parents who want their kids to dress like they once did. This is the range that I feel most accurately represents the consumers that are interested in acquiring “retro-esqe” clothing items. My potential reach is 138,000,000 people and because my ads will run from now until February in order to get the message out to those throughout the holiday season. My total advertising costs round out at about $3,200

For the Adventure Seeker (Part 3)

thats-goproable go-proable-skyAnd it’s finally done!! As always, the JPEG images have weird coloring but in the PDF files that I submitted I absolutely LOVE how these ended up turning out! I only had peer reviews from two other students instead of three but I really took what they said and tried to apply it. With the second ad, one of my critiques was about the copy being hard to read (font issues) and that maybe I could put it at the bottom in a white square if it were in a magazine. I was thinking about doing that and if that were a situation that I was in, I definitely would have utilized that idea. But because I already had most of my advertisement laid out, I wanted to stick with what I had been working with. One of my critiques with the first ad had to deal with the centering of the copy instead of having it aligned left, I took this critique and applied it. Also dealing with the first ad, I changed the text for the bottom left corner to match the GoPro font just as I had in the second ad. I don’t have any interest pitching these to GoPro because I feel like their ads are already super effective for their target audience and I don’t think they want an amateur Photoshop student messing with what works. For future students I would recommend really knowing what your trying to accomplish before you start creating everything. There’s always room for improvement! Really excited to keep expanding my photoshop skills with this class!

For the Adventure Seeker (Part 2)

thats-goproable go-proable-sky

It can only get better from here right? My first draft of my advertisement I had obviously misunderstood the purpose of the assignment. I was missing various key elements (body copy, website link) which was an error on my part and now I can see that my advertisement is slowly (very slowly) coming to life. I like that the headline is in that technology style GoPro font because it hints at consumers the product that I am advertising. The thing that I am unsure about is the body copy font. I can’t quite pinpoint which font gives the advertisement a cohesive structure.  I tried finding something that looked typewriter-esque but that didn’t seem to flow well with the rest of the advertisement. I like how simple the font I chose for the body copy is but because my goal is to get the consumer to actually read it, I don’t know if it serves its purpose.  I did realize when I went back to edit for my second draft that I like how vibrant the colors in the sky advertisement are rather than the underwater one. Can’t wait to continue working on these!